Nomad is a platform developed by Ideo CoLab for the purpose of increasing access to and usability of the more than 3 trillion untapped data streams. I created developer documentation, including narratives of applications for nomad based on emerging technologies, and developed working prototypes during workshops with clients.

Hypothetical Applications

As part of supporting the launch of the nomad platform, our team developed industry-specific examples of the web protocol at work.

Nomad x Home Insurance Nomad x Food Production
Mountain View Mountain View
Nomad might support an AirBnB host by monitoring their appliances and valuables, advocating on their behalf if a breakage or misuse occurs, and ensuring comprehensive accountability, coverage, and repair. We imagined what would happen if Nomad intervened in the production and transit process of goods between two fishermen, a restaurant, and a shelter. How might we use streaming data to more intelligently consume our diminishing available resources?
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Nomad x City Development Nomad x Supply Chains
Mountain View Mountain View
Nomad could leverage real-time data to uncover insights about an urban locale and identify valuable development opportunities. Supply chains are sets of long branching trees of dependencies working in tandem to produce a suite of products. Properties of the current method of organization and purchase such as delivery delays, order batching, shortage gaming, and sales and price discounts all contribute to billions of losses and a waste of natural resources. Nomad could bring far greater efficiencies to a cumbersome process.
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As a result of weekly build sprints for clients I created example nodes using nomad and common public API's.

CDC OpenWeather Microsoft Traffic Particle
Example node for connecting the CDC API to Nomad Example node for connecting Open Weather API to Nomad Example node for connecting Microsoft Traffic API to Nomad Example node for connecting Particle API to Nomad
Github Repo Github Repo Girhub Repo Github Repo
Twitter Instagram Yahoo Weather 511
Example node for connecting Twitter API to Nomad Example node for connecting Instagram API to Nomad Example node for connecting Yahoo Weather API to Nomad Example node for connecting California's 511 system to Nomad
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